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Feeling very fortunate early this morning as I sit in my home office, enjoying a strong coffee, revising the carefully crafted plan for my day, and getting psyched up for my weekly coaching call….we are all so fortunate to enjoy such freedom and opportunity.

Once again this year, NMRN will have the honour and privilege of marching with the gentlemen of the Aylmer legion and laying a wreath at the cenotaph.

Please take some time throughout your busy day to remember those who have fallen so that you can enjoy the little pleasures that are so very dear to you.

Make it a point in your day to visit a war memorial and shake the hand of those who have and are still currently serving this great country.

Should your schedule allow it, take some time to go out and enjoy a few beers with current or past military service members…share your stories and take the time to listen to theirs.

Enjoy the beautiful day with friends and family.

Do what it is that you have to do, to make today an amazing day!